Advisory Board Management

An advisory board is defined as a group of customers, executives, or professionals appointed by a company to provide guidance and support on important business issues facing the organization.

Companies and organizations are discovering that an advisory board can serve as a valuable complement to your leadership team. We can help your advisory board to identify targeted strategies with effective value propositions to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Advisory board types:

  1. Customer advisory board: customers who offer perspective concerning products, services, and industry issues
  2. Industry advisory board: industry experts who help define new industry standards
  3. Business-owner advisory board: experts who act as a sounding board for the strategic plan

We handle all the details of advisory board management, from participant selection to meeting facilitation to the development of strategic initiatives.

A new advisory board can be designed and in place in as little as 30 days. Our service is based on a fixed annual rate for two meetings per year with ongoing communication in between meetings. We'll customize the best approach for your organization and quote you fees that provide an excellent return on your investment. Call us.

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