Sales Consulting & Process Development

Leadership Synergies helps organizations to improve business results.

Our approach provides the architecture for sustainable results in leadership effectiveness. Our consulting services help senior executives and their teams:

  • Develop the right organizational strategy through strategic planning
  • Create compelling value propositions
  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Neutralize competitors
  • Manage their largest customers as assets of the business (Strategic Account Management [SAM])
  • Improve forecasting and reporting
  • Customer journey-mapping


Leadership Synergies clients include:

  • Global 1000 corporations
  • Convention and visitors bureaus/convention centers of all sizes
  • Emerging companies and start-ups
  • International and national associations seeking corporate best practices customized to the nonprofit environment (see Case Studies below)

During the past 16 years, we have worked with more than 300 organizations around the world.

Our client interaction often begins with CEOs and presidents, board chairs, senior vice presidents, marketing and human resources professionals, brand teams, and strategic planning staffs.

Our work is devoted to issues of revenue generation and marketing strategy, training, and audits.

Case Studies


Client: The largest event management company in the world, headquartered in London
Challenge: Vice Chair wanted the entire European account management sales force trained on Key Account Management (KAM) principles and practices to take a more strategic approach to managing large customers and increasing revenues
  1. Create new tools and processes to support KAM/SAM training
  2. Facilitate KAM/SAM training for the entire sales force
  3. Capture and interpret customer research to serve as the basis for strategic planning for the company


Client: The largest trade association in the world serving the meeting and event industry (over 20,000 members)
Challenge: CEO wanted several projects completed simultaneously as part of implementing the association's strategic plan
  1. Proactively assess the health of the advertising and sponsorship sales force and provide sales training
  2. Create a new membership recruitment strategy using best practices from the corporate sector tailored to the association environment
  3. Create a matrix-based comprehensive training curriculum for all education offered to members
  4. Build the program structure for skill families to create a career path for membership (evolve the role of meeting planning into a profession)
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