Sales Force Assessments & Performance Evaluations

In today's hectic business environment, achieving competitive advantage is harder than ever before. Now is the time to diagnose and treat your organization's challenges by seeking a trustworthy, experienced sales consulting firm.

Our methodology is to interview your organization's senior executives, sales team, operations staff, and a cross-section of your clients. Our rigorous qualitative and quantitative research process identifies trends in the competitive marketplace and determines which areas within your sales organization are healthy and which areas need help. We provide a comprehensive report with candid recommendations for improvement and suggested next steps to accelerate your business performance. Simply put, we tell you what you need to do to achieve exponential revenue growth.

Areas we evaluate include:

  • Sales process
  • Organizational design
  • Sales team assessment
  • Customer segmentation and satisfaction
  • Tools and resources to support the sales effort
  • Competitive analysis
  • Leadership evaluation

One of our assessment clients put it best: "Wouldn't you rather initiate a sales assessment, learn what needs to be fixed, and then fix it rather than have your CEO or Board of Directors initiate the process?"

Most assessments take less than four weeks to complete. We are discreet, candid, and focused on your needs. Contact us today.

Research - Process - Results

Case Studies

Sales Force Assessment

Client: Broadcasting and entertainment company (Fortune 1000 company)
Challenge: Senior Vice President wanted to proactively assess the health of the sales force
  1. Source and destination mapping to deploy the sales force more effectively
  2. Qualitative and quantitative research with sales team members and stakeholders to identify inefficiencies
  3. Analysis of customer satisfaction

Sales Consulting and Process Development

Client: Transportation company with $50 million in annual sales
  1. Quickly emerging competitor
  2. Need for account segmentation and targeting to improve sales effectiveness (solicit and manage high-value customers)
  1. Articulate a clear value proposition
  2. Craft a proprietary seven-step sales process
  3. Analyze and rank clients by value and effort weightings
  4. Create customized sales tools
  5. Provide sales training to embed new processes and tools into the sales organization
Sales Consulting & Process Development
Sales Force Assessments & Performance Evaluations
Sales Training
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